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This is Robotcore

by Down I Go

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T-1000 02:19
Made from poly-alloy, almost indestructible, Morph into almost anything, except complex machines. What's wrong with Wolfie? John your foster parents are dead, let's go! Bullet in the shoulder: morphing back... Shotgun in the face: morphing back... I'm the terminator, I'm here to kill John Connor, They sent me from the future to face my predecessor. No matter what you give me, whatever you shoot at me goes right through me, Unlike my predecessor, an obsolete appliance, who's only good for making mashed potato- Obsolete! Hijacking helicopters, burning down the Skynet plant, shooting cops along the way, stealing frightened peoples' cars. I'm the T-1000! Out my way! I'm the T-1000! Time to die! Melting! Melting down! Melting! Melting down!
R5-D4 01:25
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Luke Skywalker's gonna buy me! R! 5! D! 4! Buy me buy me buy me buy me buy me now! Malfunction! Smoke pours out! No sale, today! Returned to the scrap heap. R! 2! D! 2! Nooooooo! Down I Go!
ED-209 01:17
Delta City; private law enforcement. Mr Kenny, you have twenty seconds to comply. ED209 It's the future of law enforcement, ? ? ? ? Something something, knees bend the wrong way, ? ? ? ? Dick Jones!
Kill them all! Tokyo will be destroyed by the evil monkey lord. Down I Go


Originally released in 2007 on mini CD with fold out poster.
Artwork by Gemma Correll (dot com)
Mixed & Mastered by Ben


released April 27, 2013


all rights reserved


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